8-Bit Theater
Episode 534
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Time Out of Space
Date Published Thursday, March 31, 2005
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Mrr'grt and L'zlhe talk of black candles, while the Red Mages have a pep talk with each other.

Cast Appearing[]


  • Ice Cave, and inside infinite nothingness.


Mrr'grt Do we really need black candles?
L'zlhe The ancient texts, though written in a language before words, are quite clear.
Mrr'grt Where are we supposed to find to find candles--black or otherwise--in this desolate wasteland?
L'zlhe We are a cult dedicated to evil.

If we didn't bring pointlessly black candles, we really dropped the ball.
Mrr'grt Yes, yes fine. Look, we'll kill Lv'rn and make candles from his innards.
L'zlhe But they need to be black too.
Mrr'grt We are the foul things men become when nameless horrors infest their bones. There will be no shortage of black in his innards.
L'zlhe A fine point.
Mrr'grt Yes, I know.
Back in the infinite nothingness...
Red Mage Are we sure this is going to work?
Red Mage Of course we are, we thought of it, didn't we?
Red Mage No one else seems to like it.
Red Mage Oh, they never do.

Those mouthbreathers whinge about every little thing we do, but we bring them, kicking and screaming, to new vistas of imagination and, dare I say it, genius.
Red Mage (peeking out from the right) Guys, can we focus? This universe isn't going to destroy itself.
Red Mage He's right.
Red Mage We always are.
Red Mage We already made the calculations, so that information exists in all our future-inclined instances.
Red Mage Is everyone in position yet?
Red Mage No, but I can see from here they will be soon.
Red Mage Let's rip causality a new one!