8-Bit Theater
Episode 537
Guilty as charged.
Guilty as charged.
Field Testing
Date Published Thursday, April 7, 2005
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More time wasting...

Cast Appearing[]



Thief You should really think about it. They're going fast.
Black Mage (looking at the spell note) I think you meant to say "somatic" here...
Thief I know what I meant.

(mutters) Everyone who isn't me is a sucker.
Black Mage Uh-huh.

Sorry to disappoint, but I'm not as easily fooled by Captain Hypothermia and Kid Gullible over there.
Fighter I can't believe how great this armor is. It's like your ice spells are nothing to me.
Red Mage Why, that just proves the effectiveness of my new ice blast!
Black Mage Am I the only one concerned with our survival here?
Fighter Also, I think my heart stopped beating.
Black Mage Okay, the survival of most of us.
Red Mage (offscreen) If I know anything about medicine, then casting more ice spells will react with your ice armor to heal you.
Black Mage The survival of some of us.
Black Mage Screw it, just my survival.
Thief What'd I do?
Black Mage You're Thief.
Thief Guilty as charged.