8-Bit Theater
Episode 538
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Business as Usual
Date Published Saturday, April 9, 2005
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Thief gave his little business to Black Mage, with devastating results...

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Thief peeks in at whatever Black Mage is doing.
Thief What'cha doin'?
Black Mage In a bizarre twist of responsibility, I'm fashioning together a boat from the skins of the cultists we slaughtered.
Thief No, that's stupid.
Black Mage Yeah, you're right. I bet elf skin would work better.
Thief That's super,

Hey, I decided that you bought my ice and ice-like products business.

Basically, in exchange for the book rights to your life story, you get to run a company.

I keep all the ice and ice-like profits and you'll be held accountable for any losses from, say, lawsuits. Of course.
Black Mage (with a note stuck on his hat with a dagger) Who the hell is going to sue?!

(aside) There's a summons in my hat, isn't there?
Black Mage (reading it) You're suing me?!
Thief I spilled a cup of ice in my lap and it was below freezing. You should keep ice at room temperature.
Black Mage The room temperature is below freezing!
Thief Well, you should've thought of that before you got into the ice and ice-like products business.
Black Mage (with another note stuck on his hat with a dagger) I didn't!

(aside) Oh no...
Thief Don't worry, I'm willing to settle.
Thief Now I get your movie rights too.
Black Mage But you could've easily included that in the initial contract.

Why did you make us go through all this?
Thief If you don't like how I do business, then why'd you let me keep a controlling interest in the company?