8-Bit Theater
Episode 544
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Taking Aim
Date Published Saturday, April 23, 2005
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Black Mage destroys a barge of goodies for dying orphans...

Cast Appearing[]


  • The docks of civilization


Eventually, at the docks of civilization
Red Mage Well, we failed to get whatever item of incredible power was supposed to be lodged in the arctic.
I'm not sure what Sarda is like when he's mad, but I'd rather see it happen to other guys.
Thief Correction.
You failed to find the item of power.
These completely legit airship stubs I just made clearly show that I was in Corneria on business the whole time.
Fighter We could tell him the item of power moved to a new apartment-cave and didn't leave a forwarding address.
Red Mage Hmm, if anything could trick an omniscient being like Sarda, it'd be the postal service.
Black Mage (charging his Hadoken) Bah.
I've got just one word for the jerk!
Black Mage (releases it) HADOKEN!
Something offscreen explodes in a flash of light...
Red Mage That, that'd probably have worked better if you hadn't just wasted it.
Black Mage I don't think it was a complete waste.
Person (offscreen) Why would a kind and just god destroy a barge full of medicines and food for dying orphans? Why!