8-Bit Theater
Episode 547
With what? Your rapier wit?
With what? Your rapier wit?
We can do more damage that way
Date Published Saturday, April 30, 2005
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They're absolutely incompetent, those Dark Warriors.

Cast Appearing[]


  • An unnamed city


Garland First, we need to find out where we are.
Garland Let's split up and do some recon report back in an hour.
Drizz'l Let's get this over with.
Garland That's the spirit!
Vilbert (approaching a woman) Excuse me, miss?
He bites on the woman's head with his fangs...
Daughter Daddy, what's happening?
Father Don't worry, honey. It's one of those damn LARP kids.
A punch in the neck will solve everything.
Drizz'l (threateningly) Tell me where I am before I grow weary of your continued existence and slice you open.
Man With what?
Your rapier wit?
Drizz'l Why do I keep forgetting that pathetic bag of hair Fighter took my swords?
Man Same reason you're saying this out loud?
Garland Excuse me, could you--
Old Man Hey, you're that guy,
Garland Er?
Old Man You're the guy that kidnapped that girl.
Garland That's a funny story, actually.
Old Man Hey, Cynthia, c'mere!
It's the Garbanzo guy!
Cynthia The kidnapper?