8-Bit Theater
Episode 548
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Masters of Disguise
Date Published Tuesday, May 3, 2005
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So close, and yet so far...

Cast Appearing[]


  • An unnamed city


Bikke Yar, you thar,
Black Mage Er, uh. I'm sorry, stranger, but I don't speak English.
Bikke If'n ye no be talkin' the English, then how is it ye to be talkin' to the Bikke?
Black Mage Well, I'd explain, but as I said I don't speak English.
Bikke Well played.
Drizz'l You there, whom I can't be bothered to ask to turn around.
Thief That's good, as I'm too much of a hideous non-elf human to turn around.
Thief Also, I don't speak English.
Drizz'l Bah!
You're not worth the effort of examining in further detail!
Vilbert Prithee, good sir. I wish to know the name of this fine city.
Red Mage Who wants to know?
Vilbert That depends on who wants to know who wants to know what I want to know.
Red Mage Hold on.
Let me roll my bluff skill to see if I can lie to you.
Vilbert Fine. I'm making a manipulation test to see if I will believe you.
Vilbert What'd you get?
Red Mage I'm certainly not rolling my bluff again to see if I can lie to you about my other bluff if that's what you're asking.
Garland Hello, fellow citizen.
Fighter Hi, I'm Fighter!