8-Bit Theater
Episode 549
Episode 549
Don't group us in with that pervert.
One More for the Road
Date Published Thursday, May 5, 2005
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At least he lives to see another day!

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  • An unnamed city


Drizz'lYou there!
Messenger(wearing oversized glasses) Er?
Drizz'lI say, you there!
MessengerYou fool! Don't draw attention to me! I'm on the lam!
Drizz'lLet's leave livestock out of this. The less I know about your filthy human mating rituals, the better I feel.
MessengerYou don't understand!
Drizz'lThat's what separates me from perverts such as yourself.
MessengerJust go away. He'll see me!
Drizz'lI thought you freaks would be into that sort of thing.
MessengerI finally built a life for myself here. Why can't I ever find any peace?
Drizz'lIf I had to guess, I'd say it's because of societies as backwards as you humans have cobbled together recognize that it's a good idea to shun people with hideous urges like yours.
Hank(jumping down from above) There you are!
Messenger(running away) I fear death only slightly more than I hate my life!
MessengerI curse you, ebony stranger!
GarlandWould you care to divulge your teams weaknesses and secrets?
FighterWould I!
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