8-Bit Theater
Episode 550
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Date Published Saturday, May 7, 2005
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For an idiot, Fighter sure is very observant...

Cast Appearing[]


  • An unnamed city


Fighter The thing with Thief, see, is that he is greed incarnate.
He cannot resist the seductive allure of wealth. I once saw him steal something that wasn't even there.
I asked what it was and he sold it to me for my book rights.
Now, I read left to right, so he was only getting half of the total package.
As you can see, in his haste to grab up the rights, he forgot about the lefts. An easily exploitable weakness.
Garland Please, go on.
Fighter Plus I didn't have any books on me at the time, so I didn't even have to pay him right then.
Garland I meant about the weaknesses, actually.
Fighter Oh, well weaknesses are bad.
Fighter Except on bosses where you have to shoot at the core 'cause the rest of it is pure invincibility.
It makes you wonder why they built a core at all, gave it no protection, and then put it where it would be easily exposed to intergalactic gunfire.
Garland Fighter. I meant your teammates.
Fighter Oh! Red Mage's weakness is Red Mage.
You know that saying about teaching a man how to make a fire?
Red Mage (on fire) Guys! I figured out a way so we won't have to worry about freezing to death again for as long as we live!
Fighter Black Mage, well, he's a nice guy, but he's a caster.
A push or gentle breeze will take him right out.
Garland And yourself?
Fighter Probably my naivety.
You won't tell anyone, will you?


  • It is a common fact in shoot-'em-up games such as Raiden to have bosses with specific weaknesses. Otherwise, without them, the game would be virtually unplayable, as per Fighter's mention of cores and weaknesses.