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Episode 553
Episode 553
You said something about writing a caption, but...
Faces of Evil
Date Published Saturday, May 14, 2005
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Do all mages make faces like that when they cast magic?

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Sarda makes a strange pose with a funny face...
Black MageSo, you said something about doing something, but all I see is a crazy omnipotent old man making a face.
This is the face of magic!
How else should one look when re-working the mechanisms of reality?
Black MageI aim for a bad ass look, m'self.
ThiefThat's what that is?
Black MageWhat do you mean?
Red MageIt looks like you have gas.
Black MageOh, it does not!
Red MageOkay.
ThiefNo, yeah. You're right.
Black MageBah, these chowder heads wouldn't know bad ass if it kneecapped them
(aside) And besides, all the rich food we eat on the road. Who wouldn't be a little gassy, that's what I want to know!
Black Mage(looking at Fighter) What are you lookin' at?
FighterDon't worry, Black Mage. I think you look cool when you do magic.
Black MageWell hot dog.


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