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Episode 554
If you think about it, this explains the Dark Ages.
If you think about it, this explains the Dark Ages.
Fashion Advice
Date Published Tuesday, May 24, 2005
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White Mage, you just inspired thousands of sages everywhere with your fashion sense...

Cast Appearing[]


  • The beginning of time


White Mage You should really think about growing a mustache, Sarda.
Sarda A mustache?
No, I've got the wrong face for it.
White Mage It'd add that extra something to the whole "sage" look you have going on.
Sarda I never thought about it like that.
White Mage Y'know, it's been fun witnessing the birth of creation and all, but I wish I could go back to my own time.
Sarda As you have willed it, so it shall be.
White Mage Isn't that convenient.
Sarda Well, it certainly beats using the last of your magical energies to get here four seconds too late to put your ultimate plan into motion so you're stranded because the universe obeys someone else's orders.
White Mage (gradually disappearing) What? I can't hear you over being reorganized into the time stream.
White Mage fades away...
Sarda Mustache, huh?