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Episode 555
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A Brief History of Time
Date Published Thursday, May 26, 2005
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A ramblings of a old man in his neighborhood of space.

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White Mage Can it be? Did I make it back?
Sarda Looks like it.
White Mage Sarda!
I see you liked my mustache idea after all.
Sarda Well, I've grown a mustache.
That's two weeks down. Just 14 billion years to go.
Sarda I wish I had a deck of cards.
Some time later...
Sarda What the...?
Where's this dust coming from? Don't tell me...
Proto-stellar dust cloud?
Is this your mess on my lawn?
I told you a billion years ago to stop attracting so much particulate matter.
Even later.
Sarda Lousy interstellar dust.
I wish it would stop clumping up all over me.
Way, way, way later.
Bright FUSION is blaring around Sarda's space...
Sarda That's just what I needed.
Some jackass blaring electromagnetic radiation at all hours of the day.
And, am I crazy,or has it been getting incrementally denser?
Later still.
Sarda Watching all those dust immigrants run down the property value of this neighborhood was one thing, but you molten lava kids have got to go.
Until finally, about one billion years ago...
Sarda At last, a nice cave all to myself.
That wasn't so bad. I'm hardly insane at all from the aeons of isolation and blind, seething rage.
I've just got to find that White Mage and occupy her with some nonsense quest so she doesn't somehow end up at the beginning of time.
Oh! I'll put her in a pocket dimension if she ever gets uppity.
White Mage Sarda?
Sarda I'm sorry.
I was just thinking about how much I love my mustache.


A Brief History of Time is a famous physics book written by Stephen Hawking.