8-Bit Theater
Episode 556
That's not what the others think.
That's not what the others think.
The Gang's All Here
Date Published Saturday, May 28, 2005
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Do we have to ride the Deathtrap again?

Cast Appearing[]



White Mage So where did the Light Warriors go?
Sarda They should be outside enjoying their latest gift.
Ten minutes ago.
Sarda It is done. Your new modus transporti is outside.
Black Mage As a sign of thanks, I'm not going to call you on that ridiculous non-phrase.
Sarda Thank you. That'll save me the effort of disassociating your bones from your body.
Sarda Like this one.
Looks kinda important.
Black Mage I can't wait to see that transporta modi!
Fighter That's not what it's--
Black Mage (shoving) Faster, you fools!
White Mage It's so good of you to help.
This quest to save from the coming tide of darkness might never have gotten off the ground were it not for your efforts.
Sarda Yea, is it not written "With great power comes great authority, but absolute power rocks absolutely"?
White Mage I...wasn't aware of that particular axiom.
Sarda It seems absolute power isn't quite enough to find a willing publisher.
Shows a book by Sarda, titled: Sarda Explains It All, Foreword by Steve Allen
Meanwhile, the party sees the Deathtrap...
Black Mage There is something about this "new" airship that fills me with equal parts dread and rage.