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Episode 557
Which is a fancy way of saying,"Suicide Missions"
Which is a fancy way of saying,"Suicide Missions"
It was in the Special Edition
Date Published Tuesday, May 31, 2005
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Black Mage questions Sarda's intentions for them

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Black Mage See, stuff like this is why I think Sarda secretly hates us.
Thief It's supposed to be a secret now?
Red Mage I'll not have you two besmirch the good name of a reliable mission contact.
Black Mage It doesn't bother you that the missions in question are undeniably suicidal?
Red Mage They can't be too suicidal if we keep living through them.
Black Mage Let's be honest with ourselves for a moment.

Sarda has always had every reason to expect us to die.
Our survival thus far cannot be attributed to our own competence.

Fighter No way.
Fighter When I was sword fighting Kary, she was all "vooom, vong" and I was all "kssshhh!zwong,vwong--spang!"
Black Mage Fighter, you're thinking about Star Wars again.

Also, "spang"?

Red Mage I think Fighter's point is that, yes, we've encountered incredibly dangerous situations. And, yes, some of those are due to Sarda's guidance. But we've always shown our true colors in the face of that adversity and risen victorious like true heroes.
Red Mage Like he's testing us to make us earn the power we'll need if we're to save the world from Chaos.
Fighter Thanks RM, but I can explain my own points.
Fighter (turning to Black Mage) The "spang" is when I blocked her blaster shot.