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Episode 558
I'd skip the first quest.
I'd skip the first quest.
The Red, Shiny, Candy-like Button
Date Published Thursday, June 2, 2005
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The button says LAUNCH, Fighter...

Cast Appearing[]



Thief Okay, Red Mage. Fake a piloting skill and get us out of here.
Red Mage But Sarda hasn't given us our next quest yet.
Black Mage All the more reason to be quick about it.
Red Mage I'm not going anywhere until Mr. Quest Log says it's time to go.
Thief Is that a fact...
Thief Why don't you look at Black Mage for a while.
Red Mage (looks at Black Mage) I certainly don't see anything exploitable about doing that.
YOINK! Thief steals Red Mage's Quest Log. The Quest Log apparently, shows the various tasks undertaken while in the arctic wasteland and the morning after.
Thief whacks Red Mage unconscious at the back of his head with the Quest Log...
Black Mage A) That was awesome.
But B) Who's going to fly this thing?
Thief I decided that's your responsibility.
Black Mage When?
Thief Oh, about mid-swing.
Fighter (staring at a large red button with LAUNCH labelled on top) Let's discuss it after some lunch.


The book that Red Mage carries can be recognized by players of the Warcraft franchise as the quest log that appears in those games.