8-Bit Theater
Episode 561
He must want more taffy.
He must want more taffy.
Making an Example
Date Published Thursday, June 9, 2005
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Is that a finger I see on BM's pixelated, outstretched hands?

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Fighter Guys, I've got some horrible news. The free taffy button doesn't seem to work.
Black Mage What's he talking about?
Sarda You should be approaching the landing zone now.
There is one problem, namely--
Thief Hold it, Sarda.
Thief We were promised agonizing, taffy-related demises if anyone screwed with the autopilot.
Thief How do you expect your threats of ridiculous yet excruciating death to hold any meaning with us if you don't follow through? Hmm?
Red Mage Really, Thief, there's no need to antagonize Sarda over such a trifle.
He's a very busy wizard.
Sarda I was going to say it was my assumption that landing without autopilot would be punishment enough for your indiscretions.
But if you insist.
Black Mage lets out a GFLARGLE! He falls to the ground, lifting off a finger...
Thief What was that about the autopilot?