8-Bit Theater
Episode 562
Episode 0562
Can't think of a happier sound than that.
Happy Landings
Date Published Saturday, June 11, 2005
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Gross, lung taffy.....May I have it anyway?

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The Deathtrap fell on the isles with a deafening CRASH!
ThiefWell, that was one of our better landings.
Fighter(Examining the green residue on the control panel) Eww! Check out what Black Mage horked all over the control panel!
I think the crash squeezed it out of him.
Red MageWow.
There are monsters made of slime that wish they looked as horrible as that.
ThiefIt does not have the most refreshing odor in the world.
Red MageThat's lung-taffy covered in mucous.
Daisies, it ain't.
FighterHow are we supposed to fly this thing out of here? I'm not touching anything with that crap on it.
ThiefBut maybe you guys are contractually bound to do it...
Red MageOh, good Lord no.
Er, I mean...
We should head out. Black Mage can burn that gunk off when he recovers.
FighterAre you sure he'll be okay?
Black Mage flicks them off with another finger...
ThiefSee? Good as new!
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