8-Bit Theater
Episode 563
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The Isles of Cardia
Date Published Tuesday, June 14, 2005
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Sarda ignores what could have been an awesome suggestion to his own plan...

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Sarda Have you landed?
Thief Maybe we didn't put up our seats in their full upright and locked positions, but we stopped moving and lived to talk about it.
Sarda Excellent.
Wait, you lived through it?
Black Mage Some more than others.
Sarda Bah.
That means this necrophone's a piece of junk.
Fighter Sorry to disappoint.
Sarda Oh, it's fine, I've come to expect disappointment from you guys, but you can fulfill a secondary purpose for me while you're there in Cardia.
Fighter Anything to help!
Black Mage The only times you say what I'm thinking, it's without any of the sarcasm and therefore the exact opposite of what I mean.
Fighter Maybe it's because the only times I'm not thinking what it is you aren't saying is when you're thinking but I'm talking.
Black Mage What does that mean?
Fighter raises his hands as usual as if to say something...
Fighter I have no idea.
Sarda ...and that's your mission.
Red Mage Sarda, just a suggestion.
Red Mage We could strap dynamite to our heads and roll around in fire.

It would increase our chances of survival.
Sarda Yeah, sure, why not.
Red Mage I have doubts that he's listening to us.