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Episode 564
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Date Published Thursday, June 16, 2005
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Stupid bigoted dickhead Thief...

Cast Appearing[]



Black Mage Wait, I don't get it.
Red Mage Me neither, really.
Black Mage So we're just supposed to walk into the fabled ruins of the dragon empire?
Red Mage Yup.
Black Mage Find their Godking?
Red Mage Yup.
Black Mage And strike up a conversation?
Red Mage Yup.
Red Mage Sarda said the dragons would know what to do with us from there.
Black Mage I know.
That's what worries me.
Thief Oh, there's nothing to be concerned about.
Thief The elven empire is the oldest in the world, right?
Yet we have no records that anything like an ancient kingdom of dragons ever existed.
And do you see any ruins out here? 'Cause I don't
Thief The dragon empire is just some goofy myth.
Fighter falls into a hole...