8-Bit Theater
Episode 565
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Date Published Saturday, June 18, 2005
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And to think Fighter had died already...

Cast Appearing[]



Thief Yeah, we definitely lost Fighter.
Black Mage There is a God!
And his name be awesome, the mighty!
Thief Coincidentally, I found a hole that wasn't here when we passed the first time.
Thief Also, it seems that Fighter's tracks end at the hole.
Black Mage Well, I'm sure he's gone to a better place. Hopefully at terrific speed that came to an abrupt end at the last second.
Fighter (echoing) Hey guys!
Black Mage Yes, he's gone now.
And no amount of paying attention to disembodied voices from underground will bring him back.
Fighter (echoing) I'm down here!
Black Mage The worst part will be lingering here, wondering if he's alive or dead. So let's go.
Fighter (echoing) I'm fine!
Thief Fighter, don't move.
Fighter (echoing) 'Kay
Red Mage Careful, Thief.
You don't want to fall in too.
Black Mage If we don't leave you might get "accidentally" pushed.
Thief Perhaps I haven't reminded you of my natural elven superiority in the last five minutes. Let me assure you it includes all matters of dexterity.
I'm not saying I could dodge arrows. I'm saying I wouldn't have to.
'Cause I'd steal them real fast with my dexterity, see?
Red Mage and Black Mage fall into holes while Thief doesn't notice...
Thief I am in less danger falling into this hole than you.