8-Bit Theater
Episode 567
Isn't that saying words anyway?
Isn't that saying words anyway?
Date Published Thursday, June 23, 2005
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Fake echoing is awesome!

Cast Appearing[]



Fighter (fake echoing) So, what's up?
Black Mage Stop doing that.
Fighter Doing what?
Black Mage There is no echo in here!
Fighter (stops) Are you sure? I couldn't tell.
Fighter I figured I should do one just in case.
Black Mage Wow. You've finally done it. My hatred of you has surpassed the ability of all existing words to communicate it.
Red Mage, suggestions?
Red Mage Hateriffic, meganger, anathemalice, ragenomic, omniloathe, abhorrination.
Red Mage I could go on.
Black Mage That will suffice, thanks.
I choose omniloathe.
Like a dictionary, Red Mage recites the description of the word...
v: find repugnant in all possible ways, conditions, and variances.
All Communists omniloathe joy."
Fighter Awesome, we've got best buddy codewords now!
Black Mage No, we haven't.
Fighter Sure we do. you're um...
Pans back up to Thief.
Fighter Friendlicious!
Black Mage It would be a shame if my knife fell into you 30 times.
Red Mage That's not a very paloramic view.
Thief Yes, I can see it was the acme of wisdom to team up with this crew.
Black Mage Come here.
Fighter Whatever you say.