8-Bit Theater
Episode 571
Well, maybe not Barry.
Well, maybe not Barry.
Chicanery, it's not just for Ravnos any more
Date Published Saturday, July 2, 2005
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Light Warriors, Enlightened Warriors, what's the difference?!

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Black Mage First of all, I want to thank you for agreeing to adopt a form that won't drive us mad with a beauty our merely mortal minds could ever hope to behold.
Bahamut Though I am the great Dragon God King, I am versed in the manifold weaknesses of things such as yourselves.
Fighter That's nice of you.
Bahamut I know.
Red Mage Oh, Great Dragon King--
Bahamut God.
Red Mage Right. Um, what's all this talk about so-called Enlightened Warriors?
Bahamut So it is written upon the stars of the sky, the branches of the forest, yea, even unto the waves of the sea, and all that is creation, there will come a dark time.

The slumbering Great Dragon God--
Red Mage King.
Bahamut Right. He will awaken in this shrouded world, and he will anoint the Enlightened Warrior who will drive the darkness back from whence it came.
Red Mage Super guy.
How about "Light Warriors". Any legends about them?
Bahamut Never heard of them.
Red Mage In that case, it may interest you to know that there are, in fact, four of these Enlightened Warriors.
Fighter Wow, really? Do we know any of them?