8-Bit Theater
Episode 572
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Items for nothing, quests for free.
Date Published Saturday, July 2, 2005
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The rat tail is a symbolism of sorts, look it up.

Cast Appearing[]



Bahamut Enough.

The test of courage will determine the true identity of the Enlightened Warrior.
Black Mage This isn't some insipid quest wrought with danger is it?
Bahamut Far from it.
Black Mage Oh good.
Bahamut It is the ultimate quest.
The quest for identity.
Black Mage I think you're confused about what "insipid" means.
Bahamut And the untold power that comes with self-realization.
Black Mage Did I say insipid? 'Cause I meant to say let's go.
Bahamut You must bring unto me the tail of a rat.
The Light Warriors are dumbfounded...
Red Mage Mr. Bahamut? Sir?
I'm something of a quest afficionado. And I gotta say, this whole rat tail thing?
Red Mage Yeah, it doesn't really make any sense given the self-discovery angle of this quest's description. How is a rat going to give us new insights into our souls and unleash powers as yet untold?
Fighter I bet it's one of those psychoanalytical rats.