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Episode 574
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Totally Blown Away
Date Published Saturday, July 9, 2005
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Thief has a really huge mouth, decrying other mythical creatures like that...

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Thief So you morons met the god of dragons?
Red Mage He's also their king.
He was very clear on that.
Thief He's the king of dragons too? How does that work, exactly? Does he worship himself?
Red Mage I think it means he rules by his own divine right. It's a pretty sweet racket, really.
Thief Okay, you met this god and/or king who lives in a dank hole in the ground, and he asked you to get the tail of a rat for him.
Black Mage That about sums it up.
Thief This dragon.
Was he, by any chance, a hobo in a dragon suit?
Red Mage (thinking and/or muttering) He looked very much like a dragon.
Fighter Thief, you just blew my mind.
Black Mage It would blow your mind to learn that wheels are, in fact, round.
Fighter Black Mage, please. I can only be blown so many times in one day.
Black Mage That's it, I'm outta this conversation.
Fighter Think about it, guys.
How do we know Bahamut isn't some dragon bum who gets his kicks from hooch and rat tail stew?
Thief This homeless dragon megaking ultragod was pulling a prank. You know that, right?
Did he ask for anything else? Like a bucket of steam, perhaps?
Fighter Steam in buckets? Thief, you've blown me again.
Black Mage Stop saying that!