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Episode 577
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So Many Warriors
Date Published Saturday, July 16, 2005
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Black Mage hates the Other Warriors that much...

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Black MageGreat.
RangerGood morrow and well met, fellow adventurers all!
Black MageIf you're that jerk Ranger, then the rat-hobo is...
Red MageBerserker, the greatest conversationalist of our age.
Also, everything he says is scary.
BerserkerGnash, rip, hate!
Oh, I say!
Someone's gone and mangled this poor fellow. And then covered me in his blood. And his organs.
BerserkerThat's the spirit, old bean. Buck up.
You've still got most of what may very well be your liver.
Black MageI thought you guys ran off to kill one another thanks to Thief's finest mental hoodwink since Red Mage's big, fake, cross-dressing thing.
Berserker(muttering) I don't know what this one is though.
Red MageYeah.

Wait, what?
Black Mage(tosses black powder) Amnesia dust!
Red MageWhy is it black?
Black MageBecause it's gunpowder.
He lights a match.
Red MageIt's what?!
Black MageSee, you've already forgotten.
The gunpowder explodes with a BOOM!
Black MageNow what were we--
ClericBrothers, are you safe? It sounded like someone's Amnesia Dust took light.
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