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Episode 578
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One More Look Into The Mind Of Fighter
Date Published Tuesday, July 19, 2005
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Simpleton Fighter makes another little journal thing...

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Fighter's Journal
(Not for reading unless you are Fighter like me)

Oh, what adventures we've had. It seems like ever since we got back from the endless void univarse filled with infinited us-es, things have been whiz-bang-boom-EXCITEMENT. There was taffy and it was free and that makes it the best. But then I think it must have been forged from Black Mage's lungs 'cause it did not taste good.

(Note to self: is "forged" the right word for taffy? Methinks it it probably mined. Must remember to ask the Dwarves about their precious taffies)

We met a dragon who is our friend and a king and a god and a hobo and not real anyway according to Thief. Wow, he must be BUSY to keep up with all of that stuff without even being there. He wants to eat a rat or something and if we help then he'll unlock a door for us. Or something. I was thinking about taffy when he was talking.

In the very bestest (non-taffy related) news, we've met up with our friends Berserker and Ranger again!!!!! They brought their friends Cleric and Rogue with them this time. There are so many warriors now it's like someone opened up a jar and inside the jar was a bunch of warriors (it is a large jar) and they were all like "ARGH, RUN, WE ARE FREE MEN AT LAST" and then they all ran out and there were dozens of warriors running all over the place and they are us. Y'know?

I better go before anyone notices me not paying attention. I am so smart, because they never do! Fighter rocks forevar!!!!!!!
Black Mage I feel like we should do you a favor now.
Rogue Found another piece!