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Episode 583
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Memes don’t start themselves, people!
Date Published Saturday, July 30, 2005
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The fact that Red Mage is talking confused me already...

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Fighter Wouldn't it be more prudent to find out why The Other Warriors want a Dire Rat instead of killing them?
Black Mage Now, see, I was thinking that in the back of my mind, but now that I hear it out loud, it sounds ridiculous.
Red Mage Wait, I think he might be on to something.
Red Mage Fighter's--how to put this nicely--
Complete mental incompetence may have stumbled upon a unique solution to our problem.
Black Mage I don't follow.
Red Mage It may sound of lunacy, but some experience systems have actually charted out rewards for actions other than murder.
Black Mage Okay, I double don't follow.
Fighter scribbles on his journal: P.S. I am now a super genius!
Red Mage Two different things confused you now?

Or does it mean you've been confused two times? I don't get it.
Black Mage No, it's like when you "double dare" it's twice the dare.
Black Mage I was saying it was confusing, but in a cool way. I hope it catches on.
Red Mage Anyway.

Fighter may have uncovered fertile new grounds for the acquisition of experience points.
Black Mage If you start using it now you'll be cool before anyone else. You'll be double cool.
Fighter scribbles on his journal: DOUBLE super geniuous!