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Episode 584
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Let’s Make A Deal
Date Published Tuesday, August 9, 2005
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Rogue is a much better swindler than Thief. Period.

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Red MageSo, we have a good rapport.
RangerOh, we're bursting with rapports. And all of them are good.
Red MageGood is good. Let's talk about rat tails...
Rogue(eavesdropping) Oh-ho!
FighterAnd then Optimus Prime is all like--
Black MageThe only way I could care less about what you're talking about is if you keep talking.
RogueSo I understand you gentlemen are in the market for tails of rat.
Black MageNo we're not, who have you been talking to, how many do you have?
RogueI happen to know a guy who knows another guy who lives next to the guy who is the primary importer/exporter of genuine immitation rat tails.
Black MageWait a second.
Immitation? That sounds suspicious.
RogueI know this other guy.

He says that four out of five Dragon God Kings can't tell the difference.
Black MageHow stupid does Rogue think we are?
RogueHe's totally a scientist. Or very much like one anyway.
Black MageHow much for two?
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