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Episode 584
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Let’s Make A Deal
Date Published Tuesday, August 9, 2005
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Rogue is a much better swindler than Thief. Period.

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Red Mage So, we have a good rapport.
Ranger Oh, we're bursting with rapports. And all of them are good.
Red Mage Good is good. Let's talk about rat tails...
Rogue (eavesdropping) Oh-ho!
Fighter And then Optimus Prime is all like--
Black Mage The only way I could care less about what you're talking about is if you keep talking.
Rogue So I understand you gentlemen are in the market for tails of rat.
Black Mage No we're not, who have you been talking to, how many do you have?
Rogue I happen to know a guy who knows another guy who lives next to the guy who is the primary importer/exporter of genuine immitation rat tails.
Black Mage Wait a second.
Immitation? That sounds suspicious.
Rogue I know this other guy.

He says that four out of five Dragon God Kings can't tell the difference.
Black Mage How stupid does Rogue think we are?
Rogue He's totally a scientist. Or very much like one anyway.
Black Mage How much for two?