8-Bit Theater
Episode 585
I wonder what comes after Super Wizard Ultra Being?! Oh, wait.
I wonder what comes after Super Wizard Ultra Being?! Oh, wait.
A Lofty Goal
Date Published Thursday, August 11, 2005
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Black Mage has extremely greedy yet childish schemes...

Cast Appearing[]



Fighter Only two rat tails?
But what about Thief and Red Mage?
Black Mage Hell, you're not getting one either.
Black Mage I'm gonna have two class changes. First to Black Wizard, then to some sort of super wizard ultra being.
Black Mage I should imagine that space-time as we now know it will hold no meaning for me at that stage of evolution. I'll be a chick magnet.
Thief GASP!
Cleric Well look at that, another beautiful miracle. If it weren't for my atheism, I'd be impressed by it.
Red Mage How can you be an atheist?
Red Mage You talk to the gods every single day and convince them to do things like bring back the dead!
Cleric Right.
And if I want to remain competitive in this market, I can't afford to show favorites.
Thief Not to complain, but why is there a sharp pain in the small of my back?
Cleric Well how do you think a healing shiv works? Magic?