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Episode 586
This has absolutely everything to do with the episode
This has absolutely everything to do with the episode
This is for, like, three of you.
Date Published Saturday, August 13, 2005
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Star Trek and Transformers actually go well together, in my opinion.

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Red Mage Okay, let's compare notes.
Black Mage What is this, some kinda study group of lame?
Who takes notes? Seriously.
Red Mage (under a pile of notes) I, er, I wouldn't know.
Red Mage But I do know that Ranger and Berserker are still alive and why they're looking for a rat tail.
Black Mage I feel it prudent to mention that neither of these matter if we just murder them.
Red Mage Yes, but--
Black Mage Then it's settled, next subject!
Thief I'd like to mention how goddamn amazing I am. I conned a god of trickery in the afterlife.
Red Mage Afterlife?
You know you weren't actually dead, right? Just very close to it.
Thief That's crazy.
Why would Raven lie about...oh. The trickery thing.
Thief Maybe I should've read his contract a little more closely.
Black Mage Contract trouble? Sounds like you finally got hoisted on your own petard.
Fighter Wait, that doesn't make sense at all.
Black Mage Dammit, petard, not Picard.

Stop thinking about your stupid Star Trek/Transformers cross-over fan fiction.
Cut to Picard wearing a Transformers badge, with a Transformer on his shoulder.
Jean-Luc Picard Engage and roll out!