8-Bit Theater
Episode 589
Episode 0589
This flashback was approved by the Fighter demographic! Next up: laser-swords!
Jam Session
Date Published Tuesday, August 23, 2005
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Circumlocutious definitely explains Red Mage...

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Red MageWell, I've done it again.
ThiefRuined our every chance to succeed in our goals?
FighterPut on a dress?
Black MageOoh, I know! You took a course of action so circumlocutious that it would've been faster and easier for all parties if you just killed yourself?
Red MageWell, I was going to say I took care of The Other Warriors, thus saving us all again using my unfathomable intelligence. But, if you're not interested, that's fine too.
Black MageOkay, cool.
ThiefSee ya!
They leave...
FighterAww, don't worry, RM!
I wanna know how you did it!
Red MageWell, basically, what I did was...
Red MageSo, I hear you know a guy.
RogueThat's not impossible.
Red MageWell, if he'd have any interest in a map to Rat Tail Island, let me know, okay?
RogueI think we have some business to conduct.
Music plays...
RogueBut first, what is that bitchin' music?
Red MageMust be an awesome sword-guitar solo!
Cue Fighter using his sword as a guitar...
Red MageDo you mind if I tell the story.
FighterIt wasn't testing well with the Fighter demographic.
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