8-Bit Theater
Episode 590
We'll need one of those rocket boats.
We'll need one of those rocket boats.
Getting Directions
Date Published Thursday, August 25, 2005
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I can't believe Rogue fell for all that.

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Rogue Good news, fellows. The Light Warriors provided me with a map to Rat Tail Island.
Cleric With this map, we'll be Enlightened Warriors in no time!
Berserker I think you gentlemen are forgetting the matter of tracking down the genocidal madmen responsible for burning down Dwarf Land.
Rogue The Light Warriors said they'd dedicate their lives to hunting the world over for the criminal scum responsible.
Ranger Therefore freeing us to quest for the rat tail full-time!
Rogue Precisely.
Ranger Good work, Rogue.
Rogue It's to be expected.
Ranger Now let's have a look at this map, shall we?
The map is a dud. The scale of the map states "1 Inch = 1 Jillion leagues". The starting point points to the world itself, in the middle of nowhere is "The Endless Sea of Eternal Nightmare" with a badly drawn dragon, on the far right is the small mound, labelled "Rat Tail Island"...
Berserker First thing's first. We'll need one of those rocket boats.
Rogue I know a guy.
Ranger stares at the map in the foreground.