8-Bit Theater
Episode 592
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Black Mage is pining.
Date Published Tuesday, August 30, 2005
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Fighter is the fountain of 80's pop culture references...

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Ranger I would have a word with you.
Black Mage I wood run away, but I'm simply pinned down at the moment.
Ranger Yes, well. I have certain concerns regarding this map you gave us.
Black Mage Pinned down. Get it?
Red Mage That map?

That map right there?

You know, it's funny.

I have specific memories of not giving that exact map to anyone forever and always. Don't you think that's funny? Hey! Where's Fighter and Thief?
Somewhere in the forest...
Fighter ...And Jackie Chan was all "Fighter, only your blade can defeat Aku." 'Cause Cobra Commander had kidnapped--
Thief Okay, Fighter? I asked if you wanted some lunch.
Fighter I'm getting to that.
Ranger Your deceptions will not work on me, oh crimsoned wizard.
Red Mage Lies are all I have, really.
Black Mage By the way, ignoring me is really stuck up of you. And I'd know!
Black Mage Seriously though, I'm not so narrow minded to hold that against you guys.
Red Mage Lies and Vaudeville.


  • Aku is the name of the main antagonist of the cartoon, Samurai Jack. The Cobra Commander is the main antagonist of the cartoon, G.I. Joe and it's variations.