8-Bit Theater
Episode 594
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Bad Timing
Date Published Saturday, September 3, 2005
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An action always comes with a consequence, doesn't it?

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Meanwhile, in Dwarf Land...
Cut to the Dwarf King, standing on a podium with a mic and monitors. An arrow labelled "Your King" is pointing up at him in a sign.
Dwarf KingMy loyal, bearded subjects.
The reconstruction of Dwarf Land has been a trying time for all of us.
Dwarf KingWe have each known, down to the very roots of our beards, the sting of sacrifice and hardship.
From the lowliest among you to even I, your king, who had to miss a bath one day.
Dwarf KingBut at long last our kingdom is rebuilt. Rebuilt forever.
Dwarf KingBehind me lies the full glory of the new kingdom you built from ashes.
From those very ashes, Dwarfland is reborn. Sturdier, stockier, and beardier than ever before.
The crowd cheers loudly as traces of meteor fly past...
Dwarf KingLet your cheers reach the heavens. Let the gods themselves know that Dwarfland, our Dwarfland will never burn, will never...
Dwarf KingI'm sorry, does it smell like flaming rocks raining from the sky to anyone else?
The kingdom behind the Dwarf King explodes into bright flames. He looks behind and sees the smoke pour out.
Dwarf KingY'know. We probably shouldn't have left all the architects, engineers, and scholars in their homes when we called this meeting.
Boy. Hindsight, huh?
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