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Episode 595
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The State Of Affairs
Date Published Tuesday, September 6, 2005
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I see a chain reaction going on here.

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"GN/DN" comes from Star Strek props, it is written on ship panels as short or "goes nowhere, does nothing", meaning it is generic set decoration.


FighterWell, I've inspected the airship.
FighterWhat you've got here is your basic total systems failure.
the upper support rig is three degrees out of normal operating range. Just right out.
FighterYour L-Beam is cracked in at least three places.
I wouldn't even attempt impulse speeds with that kind of damage.
FighterOn the subject of propulsion, the anti-matter regulator is coughing up a lung.
If you have any interest in not being vaporized, I'd keep that turned off until we can replace the unit.
Fighterthe entire GN/DN tube network is shot.
ThiefNot the tubes!
FighterThey may as well just be there for decoration at this point.
ThiefDammit all.
ThiefIs that everything?
FighterIt's the best list I can make without a working Level 3 diagnostic.
ThiefWhere do you suggest we start?
FighterFirst, it'd be nice if I knew what any of this stuff meant or did.
Meanwhile, in Elf Land...
Elven MessengerSire! Do you see? The skies belch ash and blot out the sun.
Elf KingAnd the winds bring with them the foulest of all stenches. Dwarf.
Elf KingIt is clearly their work. War is in the air!
Elven MessengerAlso burning hair,
Elf KingOh, I hope we can get the smell out of my robes.
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