8-Bit Theater
Episode 596
...well, he's right about one thing.
...well, he's right about one thing.
Date Published Thursday, September 8, 2005
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Fighter frequently has knowledge lapses, but he definitely is a smarty.

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Red Mage What the--?!
Why isn't the airship ready?
Red Mage You guys were supposed to prep it while I duped the Other Warriors.
Thief And a brilliant plan that was, might I add, sending the con artist to fix our magic airplane.
Red Mage Why yes, I know. Waaait a second. Sarcasm?!
Red Mage Never mind that now.
I'll fix the airship.
Red Mage leaves to the right...
Thief It's back here! You passed it on the way before you got to me, how did you not see that?
Red Mage (walking past) Shut up, I'm a genius.
My ways are inscrutable!
Black Mage Is it me or is Red Mage acting funny?
And not ha-ha funny, but more like stab-stab funny.
Fighter No, I find his antics to be delightful and his insights manifold.
Fighter Also, he has a pleasing odor.
Black Mage sticks a dagger on Fighter's head.
Black Mage See, that was funny ha-ha and funny stab-stab.
Thief Good comedy works on multiple levels.
Fighter Sound has a color now.