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Episode 597
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International Intrigue!
Date Published Saturday, September 10, 2005
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"Abroad"...get it?

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And so, thanks to Red Mage's mechanical aptitude, the Light Warriors take off for adventure once more!
FighterI can't believe Red Mage was able to repair the airship so fast.
Red MageThere wasn't anything wrong with it that couldn't be fixed by magic.
FighterWell that's...wait, what?
In Corneria Castle...
MessengerHighness, I bring you news from abroad!
King SteveThat's no way to speak of my wife.
Messenger(being carried to the gallows by Hank) Can we try this again?
MessengerHighness, I bring news from...uh, elsewhere!
King SteveIs this news cupcake related?
Hank sneaks in for the kill...
MessengerSadly, that is not the case, my king.
King SteveThen by what possible definition of the word "news" could this conceivably matter?
MessengerWar, my liege!
King SteveWar, you say?
Are we invited?
MessengerI am happy to report that we are not, sire.
King SteveOh, I never get to have any war.
SaraDad, Corneria has been engaged in seven concurrent wars for about five years.
Messenger is snatched away.
King SteveBut those hardly count.
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