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Episode 598
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Interdimensional Intrigue!
Date Published Tuesday, September 13, 2005
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Feh...Red Mage's addle-brained delirium will never understand.

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Thief We should probably report to Sarda that he is an idiot.
There were no dragons on that island.
Fighter What about Bahamut?
Red Mage Yeah, he gave us a quest.
Thief Lord, not this again.
Thief How can I say this so that you will understand it?
Life changing quests do not involve the tail of a rat.
Knight A what tail? Bitch, please!
Thief Hobo quests for rat soup do.
Hobo Oh, precious rat tail soup.
Red Mage But the Other Warriors were on the same quest.
Thief It's because they aren't smart!
Thief You were able to fool them.
Thief Imagine what a cunning born of the streets could do.
Raven You told them to get a what?
Bahamut A rat tail. A Dire Rat's tail.
Raven Oh, that's good.
Bahamut Thank you.
Bahamut Do you think he'll see it coming?
Raven Not a chance.
Red Mage I'm street.
I've been on a street, anyway...