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Episode 599
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Professor Bladekowski? No, it’s…
Date Published Thursday, September 15, 2005
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A half for the price of half. Interesting...I'll take four!

Cast Appearing[]



Swordopolis Fighter!
I bring a message from the higher realms!
Fighter I don't remember seeing an upstairs in the airship.
Swordopolis ...No, Fighter.
Fighter Then why'd you say there was?
Swordopolis Touché. I think.
Swordopolis Fighter, I'm just going to barrel through this because my time on this plane is limited.
Fighter Did Thief trick you into buying one of his half-way tickets?
Thief Get your special discount tickets here. Half-way travel packages. We get you started, the rest is up to you!
Black Mage We're already on board, why would anyone buy a ticket to be ejected half-way to our destination?
Thief Special Black Mage only discount: One free shove out of the airlock if he keeps up the back-talk.
Fighter Joke's on Thief though.
I bought two!
Swordopolis (disappearing) Fighter. You must travel to the Forbidden Castle of Ordeals. The fate of the world rests in your hands!
Fighter You can count on me, oh crazy hallucination sword!
Fighter Of course, I'll need to write down the name of the cas..Hello?