Fallout: Nuka Break
Season 1 - Season Finale
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Episode 6
Date Posted January 31, 2012
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Larry is caught and brought to Leon for questioning. Meanwhile, Twig and company make their way back to Eastwood, only to encounter some interesting characters on the way back, particularly a certain person connected to Ben's past.

Cast Appearing[]

  • Twig (Zack Finfrock)
  • Ben (Aaron Giles)
  • Scarlett (Tybee Diskin)
  • Larry (Kevin Brooks)
  • Red (Michele Specht)
  • Leon Swallow (David Castro)
  • A NCR Veteran Ranger (Cameron Diskin)
  • The mysterious stranger (Vic Mignogna)
  • Sir Daniels (Howard McNair)
  • Some mercenaries employed by Leon
  • Two slave girls


  • Outskirts of Eastwood
  • Leon's cave

Running time[]

Twelve minutes, thirty-five seconds


The wasteland...
A desolate place darkened by the shadows of a dead civilization.
There are no heroes, only survivors.
This is the story of one man's quest to find happiness.
The perfect Nuka-Break...
Fallout: Nuka Break
Twig and company traverse the wasteland as the sun starts to drop over the horizon. Up the hill stood a Lucky 38 billboard.
Scarlett ...I mean like, I noticed he was kinda a touchy-feely guy or whatever, but that doesn't bother me.
Ben We need to stop.
Scarlett What? Why?
Ben Because it's getting dark.
Scarlett So?
Ben So, I don't travel at night, I can't see. You know that.
Twig Okay, y'know, I'm kinda tired. I think we can stop.
Scarlett (pointing at the direction of Eastwood) It's like, right there!
Okay, well then give me a gun.
Twig No!
Scarlett Yes! If we're going to sleep I wanna be armed!
Twig This is my gun, not yours!
Scarlett No, he's mine and you're an idiot, and you're that... sword thing. Gimme a gun.
Twig hesitantly gives w:c:fallout:That Gun to Scarlett.
Ben I'm not an idiot.
Scarlett What?
Ben Oh, you won't remember a thing.
Scarlett He... You're both idiots.
The next morning... Red takes Larry up a path at gunpoint.
Larry Hey, crazy bitch!
I can't go back there, they're looking for me!
Red Muhahaha, I'm sure they are!
Larry Ah, this slave and her two idiot friends. Leon!
Red Oh, so what? Leon's looking for everybody! Lucky for me, he already thinks I'm dead!
Larry I am really not gonna get crucified!
Larry spots two wastelanders in the distance.
Larry Either shoot me now, or let me go.
With a quick movement, he smacks the pistol off of Red's hands and flees toward the two wastelanders.
Red Fuck!
Red picks up the gun and tries to shoot him, but her gun doesn't fire. She gives up.
Red Oh, poop...
Larry Guys!
The two wastelanders just happen to be the two mercs under Leon's employ. Larry slams his bag on the ground as the two aim their guns at him.
Eyepatch Merc Larry!
Goggles Merc (simultaneously) Larry!
Larry Shit.
We cut back to Twig and company. Twig and Scarlett are still asleep. Ben was already up, and was kneeling by a rock, gazing at the ring he had on a chain that was on his neck.
Twig stirs, rubbing his nose.
Twig Bugs...
Twig moves to his side, only to see a Radroach in the distance. Twig gets up immediately goes for his gun, but realized he gave it to Scarlett the night before. He tries to move away as the Radroach approaches him. Before the creature could reach him, it was shot dead six times, causing Scarlet to wake up, aiming her gun.
Twig looks and sees the mysterious stranger with his revolver as he holsters it. Twig stands up.
Cut to a previous scene where he interacted with the stranger in a previous episode.
Mysterious Stranger Now we're even.
Twig (laughing) Yeah! Th-thank you, I mean, you really--
The stranger was gone before he knew it. Even Scarlett didn't know where he went.
Ben I leave you girls alone for five seconds and you start shooting each other what the hell is going on?!
Scarlett Where did he go?
Twig I have no idea.
Ben (points at dead Radroach) Alright, who did this? (points to Twig) I know it wasn't you.
Twig You can't just vanish like tha--
(sudden realization) He has to be hiding.
Scarlett Why would he? Why?
Ben Who are you talking about?
Twig starts searching about the open space.
Scarlett (shrugging) I don't care, we need to go.
Twig notices them leaving.
Twig He was right here!
Scarlett (uninterestingly) Lemme know when you find him.
Ben Are you sure we can't just kill him?
Twig stays behind trying to figure out where he could be. He searches under a small rock and immediately gives up. As he starts to leave he suddenly forgets something.
Twig (hastily picks up w:c:fallout:Shishkebab) G-Guys!
We cut to the two mercs carrying Larry off into a cave, where Leon is waiting for him. As they enter, they drop the ghoul, who lay sprawling on the ground.
Eyepatch Merc Sir, we found him in the desert.
Larry writhes, exhausted. Leon approaches him from the shadows, surprised at their discovery.
Larry Oh, shit.
Leon Hi, Larry.
Larry spits to the side.
Leon My wayward little spy.
(tsks) I suppose you didn't capture Scarlett like you intended.
Larry No, Leon. I obviously did not.
Leon Mmh. Well, that's a shame.
Larry, you know what I do to people that disappoint me, right?
Larry (nodding) Mmm-hmm.
Leon So, can you think of one good reason why I shouldn't do that to you, right now?
Larry (getting up) A second, one second, one second. Ahh...
(straightens clothes; gesturing) I know where they are.
Leon Really?
Larry Now you have to give me a second chance, 'cause I could bring her to you.
Leon Well, where are they?
Sir Daniels is outside, looking at them.
Larry South of here. I set up an ambush for her and her friends, but...
Leon Right. Yeah, and then you've screwed it all and I've... Well, I'm not surprised.
Hmm... Larry...
Think you're gonna be coming back?
Larry Probably. I doubt that I won't be going very much farther without a... (stretching, cracking his bones) snack.
Leon So, then my Scarlett is in-in the town right now.
Larry She wasn't when I left.
Leon (nods) Thanks, Larry.
Larry nods in affirmation.
Leon (calling) Daniels?
Daniels approaches.
Leon Bring me Artemis, please.
Daniels Sir, isn't that a bit too much?
Leon gives a look, and Daniels complies, gesturing two slave girls to retrieve something for him. Leon is satisfied, giving Larry a pat on the back.
We cut back to Twig and company. Twig seems to be having a problem as they walked.
Twig Ugh, this seems heavy.
Scarlett Yeah, are we gonna talk about how you got that?
Twig Ehh, I was in a hurry.
Scarlett And... you can afford this how?
Twig I'm not sure?
Scarlett Oh, wait did you steal that?
Twig No, I...
Scarlett Be still, my heart.
Twig ...guess I did.
Ben (pats Twig on shoulder) Y'know, there may be hope for you yet, fatty.
Twig (shakes head) It doesn't make me feel good.
Ben Feels good.
They continue walking. On the side of a small cliff, Scarlett notices something.
Scarlett Hey, umm... I think we're being followed.
Ben Yeah, I know.
Scarlett What do you mean, you know?
Ben I mean, I know.
Scarlett And what are we gonna do about it?
Ben Nothing.
If he's gonna reveal himself, be on his terms, not ours.
Twig No, no, not this time.
(takes That Gun from Scarlett) Gimme that.
Scarlett Nonono, Twig...
Ben Hey...
Ben Could you st--
He starts shooting randomly in the air.
Ben Could you stop?
Twig Well?
A glare starts shining on Twig's face. Someone from from up the cliff is shining something.
Twig (shooting in that direction) St-Stop that!
The person stops. He looks to be wearing a peculiar helmet. Twig drops his gun and everybody looks at him.
Meanwhile, the two slaves take out a large and heavy bag from the cave. They lay it on Sir Daniels, who unzips it.
Back to Twig and company, the person approaches.
Ben Just wait up here, let me take care of this. Just...
Twig What're you--
Ben Just... hold on.
Ben walks up to the man. Upon clearer inspection, he appears to be an NCR Veteran Ranger. He clicks a button on the helmet to retract some sort of visor.
Ben You know, I'm impressed. You wait for all of these assholes to whittle us dry so you could just walk in and take her.
Well, you're not gonna get her.
NCR Veteran Ranger I'm not here for her.
Ben What else could you be doing out here?
NCR Veteran Ranger Protecting you.
Ben Protecting us?
NCR Veteran Ranger No. Just you.
Twig and Scarlett seem puzzled.
Ben Just me. Okay, well you know I appreciate the gesture, but I don't need your protection. Piss. Off. Now let's go.
Ben starts moving forward, but Twig and Scarlett wonder what's going on.
NCR Veteran Ranger Eldridge.
He and Ben turn to face each other. Ben seems angry at hearing the name.
Ben What?
NCR Veteran Ranger Benjamin Eldridge.
Ben comes swinging at him, but the Ranger evades it. Ben tries to make a few more hits, but the Ranger merely blocks him and brings him down to the ground with one arm.
Twig unsheathes Shishkebab and tries to light it, but it's out of fuel. He slashes at the Ranger, but he blocks it with his gauntlet and forces him back with a knee kick. The Ranger has his arm on his w:c:fallout:Ranger Sequoia. As Twig makes a slash for his abdomen, the Ranger takes out the revolver to shoot him point-blank, but luckily the blade blocks it and Twig is forced back from the recoil.
Twig (pauses) I really overestimated my skills.
The Ranger says nothing.
Back at the cave, Leon walks out as he receives in his hands a w:c:fallout:Fat Man.
Back at Twig and company, the Ranger points his revolver at Ben.
Ben How the hell do you know that name?!
The Ranger retracts his aim and kneels. He uses the barrel of his revolver to hold onto the chain around his neck carrying his ring.
NCR Veteran Ranger This.
Ben pushes the revolver away. The Ranger holsters it and stands.
NCR Veteran Ranger We need to talk. You're gonna listen.
He starts walking away. Ben gets up. The Ranger pauses.
NCR Veteran Ranger You comin'?
Ben What about them?
Twig and Scarlett look on.
NCR Veteran Ranger (indifferently) What about them?
The Ranger walks off. Ben gestures them both to hold on as he catches up to him.
Twig Ben...
Scarlett (holds Twig) Stop.
Back at the cave, Sir Daniels holds up a Mini Nuke and attaches it to the Fat Man.
Leon I'm hunting a fox, Daniels. Take away the nest... the fox can't go home.
Going to the edge of the cave site in clear view of Eastwood, Leon shoulders Artemis and fires. Leon's guards, Daniels, the slave girls, and Larry look on as the nuke falls on the town and explodes into a sizeable mushroom cloud. Leon watches gleefully. Twig, Scarlett, Ben, and the Ranger see the blast from their position.