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Episode 600
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Lots of fantasy settings have a north.
Date Published Saturday, September 17, 2005
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Fighter excels in deduction skills. Seriously!

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Fighter Hey, Black Mage, did you happen to see Dr. Swordopolis?
Black Mage Dr. who?
Fighter No, no. Swordopolis.
Fighter compares Dr. Swordopolis to the Doctor (as portrayed by Christopher Eccleston)...with glasses.
Fighter But the resemblance is uncanny.
Black Mage Fighter, you have all the mental capacity of an ord eel, the only sea creature so stupid that it usually drowns within minutes of its birth.
Black Mage And, coincidentally, avoids all inquiries regarding how the species manages to breed in the first place.
Fighter (in the background) Ord eel, ord eel, ord eel?
Red Mage I'm not sure I fully understand the rules of this game.
Thief Elven R'ip'emofa Nd'hau Poker is a nuanced experience for the discerning and worldwise player.
Red Mage Clearly.
Thief And, I'm not sure how many times I have to tell you this, you don't strip!
Red Mage (naked) Look, is it my turn to draw or deal?
Fighter Or deal, or deal, or deal?
Sarda (via radio) Hello? Light Warriors? Do you read me, over?
Sarda Tsk, I don't know why I bother with this thing. Rearranging the laws of the universe is much less of an ordeal than the radio.
Fighter Of course!
Cut to the Deathtrap crashing into a radio tower.
Fighter Radio Castle!


  • Doctor Who is an ongoing popular British sci-fi TV show about a time-travelling alien known only as "The Doctor". The name of episode 600 comes from a line in the episode "Rose", where the Doctor explains his northern English accident by saying that "lots of planets have a North".