8-Bit Theater
Episode 601
Can you think of some other way of entering a person?
Can you think of some other way of entering a person?
Possession is nine-tenths of the law.
Date Published Tuesday, September 20, 2005
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A sidequest involving facing off against your own personification of sins? Oh goody!

Cast Appearing[]


  • Radio Castle


Old Man My castle! My precious antique radio broadcasting castle! You kids ruined it!
Red Mage Old man, we've already agreed to help replace your tower!
Black Mage (butting in) So stop whining or start bleeding. The choice is yours.
Old Man Young people today, with their long hair and their violence.
Red Mage (to Black Mage) Shush!
Old Man In my day we were humble.
Old Man Hair was a priviledge, not a right. And threats of violence is what you used to keep slanty-eared minorities in their place.
Thief Suddenly, I can't think of why we shouldn't deal with this in our usual efficient matter.
Red Mage Because I called dibs.
This has "sidequest" written all over it.
Thief Accursed dibs!
Red Mage Now, sir, if you'll just tells us what it is we need.
Old Man I'll tell you what you need.

What you young people today need is
Go to the Castle of Ordeals.
Red Mage And where is that?
Old Man West. Go to the west.
Red Mage And they'll have, what?
Replacement parts?
Old Man West. The Castle of Ordeals. Write it down.
Red Mage There's certainly no need to yell, sir.
Swordopolis (aside) There has got to be a better way to possess these people.