8-Bit Theater
Episode 603
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You can’t knock them all out of the park.
Date Published Saturday, September 24, 2005
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Red Mage is truly socially inept.

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Red Mage It only took two weeks and a thousand battles for our lives, but we made it.
Black Mage You don't tend to see many ancient castles with such well manicured lawns.
Fighter It's the little touches that make a home.
Thief Are we sure this is the right place?
Pan out to the historic signplate in front of the castle. It reads:
Welcome to
Castle of Ordeals
Come for the transcendent life-changing visions.
Stay for the service.
Open Daily
9am - 5pm
Black Mage Either that or it's the weirdest bed and breakfast in the world.
Red Mage Think they do group rates?
Black Mage I was joking.
Red Mage Oh. See, I was confused by the total lack of comedy.
Black Mage scowls at Red Mage. Thief coughs.
Black Mage Let's just go inside.