8-Bit Theater
Episode 605
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If at first...
Date Published Thursday, September 29, 2005
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Fighter cannot get enough of the fun, and so he does it again!

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Fighter If I've learned anything, and I haven't, it's that a good idea is better the second time around.
He taps the column again. Nothing happens, but suddenly the three of them get violently phased through a flashy light vortex thing.
Fact: Rapid chain teleportation is like haviing all of your matter instantaneously squeezed through a hole the side of a photon uphill both ways simultaneously.
Fighter Stupid thing must be broken, I guess.
Fighter All it does is make fractured screams come out of the walls.
Fighter Probably needs more tappin' to work!
Black Mage (offscreen) Dear God, why!


  • The word "haviing" in the facts line is a typo.