8-Bit Theater
Episode 606
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The ol' switcheroo.
Date Published Saturday, October 1, 2005
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Red Mage self-debates about switches.

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A post-it drawn as a mini-map is plastered on Red Mage's face.
Red Mage Well, according to my mini-map, I've explored this dungeon fully.
Red Mage Hmmm.

Start, menu, options, video, mini-map, off.
He looks around and takes off his "mini-map", finding a switch in front of him.
Red Mage A switch, eh?

Dare I?
Red Mage But who knows what horrors this switch may unlock?
Why would there be a switch in the middle of a room?
Surely one would not go through the effort of installing a switch for the express purpose of not using it.
And if it is meant to be activated, then why not default the switch to the desired position from the very start?
But, by that logic, would one not forego the switch entirely? Thus making the activated state the only option.
Red Mage I wash my hands of you, oh little switch.
The responsibility is too great for one man to bear,
Red Mage leaves the switch for a few panels, only to charge towards it in the end.