8-Bit Theater
Episode 611
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Did you see the new Poof?
Date Published Thursday, October 13, 2005
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I'd tap that...for eternity.

Cast Appearing[]



Fighter Another column.
What will happen next?
Fighter As if I didn't know!
He taps the column, and smoke poofs out.
Fighter What the--!
Sloth Is not a man judged by his actions? Thus you have shown that apathy is your undoing. And so the ordeal of Sloth is upon you!
Fighter How's that?
Sloth You are gifted beyond all others with a blade.
Are you not?
Fighter I am awesome.
Sloth Yet not languish. You rely on that gift rather than improve upon it.
Fighter Dude. That'd be a lot of work.
Sloth And that, Fighter, is why you must overcome the ordeal of Sloth!
Silence from Fighter...
Fighter I have to wrestle a sloth?
Sloth No. No, Fighter. Just no.
Fighter It won't be one of those three-toed freak sloths, will it? There are the things of nightmares.