8-Bit Theater
Episode 612
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Mind Over Matter
Date Published Saturday, October 15, 2005
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Fighter does his Critical Finish.

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Sloth"Sloth" is more than a noun refering to a large mammal, Fighter.
It also refers to an aversion to work.
And it's what you call a group of bears.
FighterSo now the sloths have bear back up?
SlothYou're not even trying to understand what is going on, are you?
That's at the very least, double sloth!
FighterDid you pick up that slang from my friend Black Mage?
SlothFighter, listen!
You must learn to use your mind as well as your blades.
Fighter massacres the ordeal with his sword-chuckery. Ending with a pose, the ordeal collapses into chunks.
FighterMy brain said this was faster.
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