8-Bit Theater
Episode 613
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Mirror Master
Date Published Tuesday, October 18, 2005
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A doppelganger approaches!

Cast AppearingEdit



Black MageI've been wandering these accursed halls for days! Or maybe about an hour. I dunno, I'm cranky.
In the name of all the forces of chaos, when are we going to be done?
Smoke poofs! Again! Another Black Mage appears!
Black MageUm.
WrathOh, it's simple.
This is the Castle of Ordeals.
People come here to face their inner demons, gain insights into their beings, crap like that, y'know?
A part of that is an actual battle with a manifestation of whatever darkness we can find in your soul.
WrathIt's a conquering of flaws. It's what turns tragic, ordinary heroes into the things of legends.
Black MageSo, what, you're saying I'm my worst enemy?
WrathNot as such, no.
Wrath(looking at a sheet of paper) The only thing we have on record evil enough to represent your sins is, well, you.
Black MageI think I'm flattered.
WrathIt's fairly unprecedented.
Black MageSo you're like, all my sins, and evil, and wrongdoing made real?
WrathPretty much.
Black MageIncluding when I ruled hell for 20 minutes?
Why am I rumbling internally?
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