8-Bit Theater
Episode 614
The Light Warriors try to hit negative infinity.
The Light Warriors try to hit negative infinity.
Date Published Thursday, October 20, 2005
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Red Mage is extremely full of himself, his ego isn't gonna burst anytime soon.

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Black Mage's ordeal is now emanating a dark red aura...
Black Mage Huh.
Wrath Yeah.
Black Mage So...

What about when I orphaned that kid?
The ordeal trembles in power.
Smoke bamfs in front of Red Mage.
Red Mage Bah!
I killed the last random encounter with my mind.
Pride Is not a man judged by his actions? Thus you have shown that hubris is your undoing. And so the ordeal of Pride is upon you.
Red Mage Hubris?
My dear hideous thing, you've made a grave tactical error on this day.
Red Mage Clearly, I lack arrogance as that would be a flaw.
Red Mage Well? Get on with it. Explode already.
Back to Black Mage, whose ordeal is now shooting out dark tendrils. His voice gives out a demonic runic reverb.
Black Mage What about when I--
Wrath You should stop talking.