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Episode 616
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Mark of the Marvel
Date Published Tuesday, October 25, 2005
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It's impossible to take Red Mage seriously, especially if you're an ordeal.

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Wrath Now that's a new one.
There is going to be so much god damned paperwork.
Wrath Maybe I'll lie and say he passed the ordeal.
Wrath And then
(stabbed through the head) Glrkfh
Cut to Black Mage behind the ordeal.
Black Mage Hiya.
The ordeal falls.
Black Mage Next time check for a pulse. Or at least make sure the guy isn't holding the blade with his armpit.
Meanwhile...Red Mage has a chalkboard of random "calculations" before his ordeal.
Red Mage Thus, as you can plainly see, I have balanced every nuance of my character to perfectly complement every other facet.
Red Mage I've exploited every rule in the book to eradicate the very notion of flaws.
Look on my character sheet, ye mighty, and despair!
Pride There's still the matter of hubris.
Red Mage Have you heard nothing I've said?!