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Episode 617
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Thinking Ahead
Date Published Thursday, October 27, 2005
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Damn, the Pride ordeal definitely kept in character...

Cast Appearing[]



Black Mage Some people wrestle with their personal demons.

I stabbed mine in the back of the head.

He was a bleeder.
Black Mage The thing is, I think it was what alcoholics call an epiphany.
Black Mage Except I'm more a murderholic.

So, y'know, the face-stabbing.
Black Mage But, let's face it. This is a fantasy setting. Internal conflicts always have external metaphors.
Black Mage And this dragon was my own philosophy. I rejected everything it was. Everything I was.
Black Mage It's left me... calm.
Black Mage It's like I'm a clean slate. I'm free to start over again.
Black Mage (expels evil energy) Thank the numberless lords of Chaos I had the sense to set this up ahead of time.
Red Mage You want humility?
I'll show you humility on a scale you can scarcely comprehend.
Changes his character sheet to have
Red Mage
Red Mage Let this sheet bellow unto the heavens themselves that Red Mage is the most humble man to walk upon Earth!
Pride Literal adherence to a law means little without respect for the spirit of that law.